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Welcome to our services page at CH•CK Consultancy. We’re dedicated to meeting a diverse range of needs through our specialized services, all uniquely tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Our main focus is on Technical Documentation Management activities, and are happy to support you with our Energy Project Management and Workshop Facilitation services. View our services below to get an in-depth knowledge of our approach.


Technical documentation management

Navigating the complexities of technical documentation is crucial for organisational success. We will support you with:

New Documentation Creation

Assisting in the creation of new (technical) documentation, to keep your processes up-to-date and well-documented.

Documentation Streamlining

Optimisation of existing procedures and manuals for improved workflow and productivity.

Company Management System

Establishing robust company management systems to enhance efficiency, communication, and effectiveness.

Our method

Drawing from our experience, we’ve crafted a step-by-step plan to streamline the process:

1. Insight

Understand organizational needs through workshops, producing diagrams for future

2. Input

Collaborate closely with your Subject Matter Expert or rely on materials prepared by CH•CK Consultancy to ensure a well-rounded understanding. A comprehensive document draft will be produced.

3. Optimisation

Gather feedback through an iterative process to reach the final version. A Feedback and Progress Log will be implemented


4. Implementation

Spread documentation and new processes through the organization with workshops and supporting communication.


Energy project management

In the evolving energy domain, effective project management is critical. At CH•CK Consultancy we provide specialized services in:

Technical Reviews

Conducting thorough technical reviews to ensure the success and sustainability of your projects.

On-site Support

Navigating and managing projects on-site, offering hands-on expertise to guarantee project success.

HSE Projects

Prioritizing health, safety, and environmental considerations in every project we undertake. We specialise in any questions you might have on health.

Our method

At CH•CK Consultancy, we take pride in our tailor-made approach to specialized services:

1. Client-centric consultation

Gain a deep understanding of your organization, goals, and challenges.

2. Customized development

Develop a strategy tailored to your vision, outlining precise steps to address unique requirements.

3. Flexible service delivery

Adapt services to changing circumstances and priorities.

4. Expert implementation

Implement strategies with precision, exceeding expectations.

5. Continuous evaluation and improvement

Regular evaluations, feedback loops, and performance metrics refine our approach.

6. Collaborative partnership

We view clients as partners, fostering a strong and enduring collaboration.


Workshops facilitation

Empower your team and organization through engaging and effective workshops facilitated by our experts. We specialize in:

Teambuilding Events

Fostering collaboration and synergy among team members to enhance overall performance.

Customer Workshops

Creating immersive and insightful workshops to better understand and meet your customer’s needs.

Unlock Organisational Potential

Guiding your team to unlock and harness untapped potential for growth and success.

Our method

Discover the transformative power of our workshops and take your team to new heights.

1. Purpose or product

Understand workshop needs through meetings with managers, building a tailored program.

2. Location

Consider location possibilities and guide clients to a suitable venue.

3. Activity

Establish group focus, motivate, and gather information.

4. Consensus building

Prevent dysfunctional behaviour, resolving disagreements, agree on facts.

5. Closing the session

Review, Evaluate, End, Debrief.

Experience the power of a personalized approach with CH•CK Consultancy. Our tailor-made methods ensure that our specialized services not only meet your current needs but also position your organization for long-term success. Partner with us for seamless and efficient projects.

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